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Acle Community Archive Group
Chairman - Brian Grint
Vice Chairman - Robert Jermy
Acting Secretary - Lynn Kerslake
Treasurer - Vivienne Moore
Jackie Clover - Fundraising and Event Organiser

Other Committee Members
Basil Tibbenham - Parish Councillor
Janis Austin - Acle High School
Peter Cawley - Library Service

Donations to the Group
The Group would always welcome old photographs, film clips, or the like, taken of the local area. As there are onsite facilities to scan/copy any photograph, the Group would not need to keep the originals. Presently there are over 300 photographs on the system with about the same number still to be entered. If you are considering donating or lending material to the Group, please contact the Chairman. Please remember to include the year the photograph was taken, include any facts about the event, names of people in the photograph etc as this will help with cross-referencing on the system. Please, we would be most grateful of any donations.

In order to try to raise funds the group has a 2009 wall calendar for sale - 5.90 and available from the Chocolate Box, The Street. Chosen scenes in the calendar are from the past and present and it will no doubt be a talking point for those sending/receiving a copy. Limited stock available.

Guest Speaker
If your group or organisation is seeking a Guest Speaker for a function, perhaps Brian Grint or Jackie Clover could assist. They are well knowledged in local history of the area, across a variety of topics, and can bring along a wealth of supporting photographs.

Searching for your family or seeking further information on Acle? Perhaps the Group can help you in your quest.

Group Activities
A Coffee Morning will be held on Thursday 11th September in the Parish Hall. We are putting together a raffle, selling tea, coffee and cakes/treats, and will be displaying a range of photographs. Entry is free is everyone is welcome to drop in - we will be open from 10.00am - 11.30am. Money raised from the day is going towards funding our new display board which is now on display and in good use at the Acle Post Office.

The Next Displays
At our AGM/Open Day, 1 November 11.00am - 2.30pm.

Next Open Day
Annual AGM, Herondale, 1 November 9.30-10.30am with an open exhibit to the public starting at 11.00am.

Feature - St Edmund Church - in Pictures
We plan to expand our web presence by uploading a selection of photographs from our extensive portfolio. Please, welcome to browse these photographs online or visit us when we next open to view our entire catalogue.

The Street

Manor House